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Past Radio Shows

Didn't get a chance to listen in? Do you just want to hear it again? We record and post all of our episodes for you to play back whenever you want!

Motown MovesThe Musical Mitten
00:00 / 26:08

S1 EP1: Motown Moves

If you were to play a word association game with "Michigan" and "Music," you'd probably go straight to Motown. The record company started by Berry Gordy Jr. in the 1950s changed the game by bringing rhythm, blues, and gospel music from African American communities to white audiences. Listen to some of the artists that made it possible as we highlight the history of the label and it's iconic musicians.  

Queens Kings and the GodfatherThe Musical Mitten
00:00 / 39:00

S1 EP2: Queens, Kings, and the Godfather

Truly Michigan's royalty, these four musician earned their titles throughout everything they've done. Mary Wells and Michael Jackson both got their start in Motown, but Madonna and Iggy Pop came from further up state, and had no less of an impact on our state's music. Learn more about them here. 

Welcome HomeThe Musical Mitten
00:00 / 1:02:49

S1 EP3: Welcome Home

Olivet, Michigan, primarily home to our college, has also hosted a variety of musicians over the years. At the begining of the beginning of our school's homecoming week, join us in celebrating our home and our home state. 

Also, listen for an exclusive sneak peak of the Red Stone Souls' upcoming single, Light of the Land.

Lets ReviewThe Musical Mitten
00:00 / 1:03:15

S1 EP4: Lets Review

In our previous episodes, we've mentioned bands and musicians that have been linked to the ones we have been talking about. From the bands that make up the Marching Comets' Detroit Rock City Set, to one of the bands that inspired Iggy Pop, we're talking about the bands we didn't get a chance to cover when they came up prior to this. 

Family MattersThe Musical Mitten
00:00 / 46:29

S1 EP5: Family Matters

You might be surprised to hear how many of Michigan bands have been made up by families. Whether they're married like The White Stripes, or brothers like Greta Van Fleet and The Verve Pipe, the bond they have can be heard in the music they make, and can be seen in their stage performances. 

Listen till the end to hear the conversations one of our hosts had with the Vander Ark brothers and two of their band mates  the day they played at the Ark in Ann Arbor, Michigan. 

Runs the Radio (Girls)The Musical Mitten
00:00 / 40:01

S1 EP6: Run the Radio (Girls)

Women in entertainment have been underrepresented for far too long, which is a shame since some of them have made such important contributions to the industry. The Musical Mitten, as a show run by two women, has felt this impact in our research as a majority of the artists we turn up are men, and women are shoved to the background. We took the opportunity to highlight a few of those female artists on our show, along with their impact.


Read more on women's inequality in the music industry here at

Punk Rock RoadThe Musical Mitten
00:00 / 46:31

S1 EP7: Punk Rock Road

We would bet that your favorite bands have some connection to Michigan bands too! In fact, we did some of the work for you on this episode of the Musical Mitten. Listen to the Punk Rock Road from Grand Rapids to California to Bay City, Michigan, from WOCR 89.1 the One. 

Not to Pick Favorites, But-The Musical Mitten
00:00 / 37:31

S1 EP8: Not to Pick Favorites, But-

This week has been all about the host's favorites. Listen to the end and see if you accurately predicted which hosts listens to which artists more frequently! Also, make sure you connect with us on social media and on our survey where you can tell us who your favorites are so we can play them on EP9! 

-These are YoursThe Musical Mitten
00:00 / 32:36

S1 EP9: -These are Yours

Since last week was dedicated to the hosts' favorites, we put out a survey to find out more about our audience's favorites, and wow, did you all deliver! Listen to the four arts you chose, along with a few Michigan-themed songs we wouldn't have gotten to play otherwise on this episode of the Musical Mitten. 

This is Our Michigan ChristmasThe Musical Mitten
00:00 / 38:56

S1 EP10: This is Our Michigan Christmas


Over the course of the show so far, we've found a bunch of artists from all around the state, so it's no surprise that some of them have covered some of your favorite Christmas hits. Whether or not you want to join in on the Santa Baby debate that's encouraged by this AV Club article mentioned during the show, or if you just want to jam to Michigan Christmas, you're welcome to join in on the Musical Mitten's Christmas Celebration. 

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