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From Mackinac 
To Motown,
From Muskegon
To Madonna

You're Listening to the Musical Mitten!

The Musical Mitten strives to show off all of the musical talent from the state of Michigan. Some of the greats from the Motown got their starts in your home towns, and we wanted to know more. When in season, this show works with WOCR, 89.1 the One, Olivet, Michigan.



For every artist we talk about, we include a playlist full of their music. This includes songs that we specifically mention in the episodes, and our personal recommendations.



Check out the photos and videos we post before our show every week. Watch as we travel to where artists are from and where they play.



This will be your go-to for all things Musical Mitten Trivia and other extra content. Don't forget to keep up with us and at us if you have any cool Michigan music memories. 


Take this survey to have an impact on our future shows. We want to hear your input on the songs and artists we should talk about. 

For Artists

If you're a Michigan musician and have an interest in the show, feel free to reach out or fill out this form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. We'd love to talk to you!

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